We develop partnerships beyond our own frontiers and stay aware of new trends in the executive search business.

Our partners represent a select network of independent firms sharing the same values and code of ethics as we do. As such, they are a natural extension of our organisation.


Kenniff Leadership is a proud founding member of Panorama, a global community of over 400 leadership experts working together to promote a diverse perspective of leadership, embracing creative thinking and sharing our expertise and experience with each other to bring our clients the very best results for their leadership needs. Working across the multiple industries and functions we support, the passion, creativity and innovative thinking which was engrained in our entrepreneurial founders, is the hallmark of how our community seeks to work with our clients. Our strong spirit of imagination, originality and curiosity lie at the heart of our approach to find and nurture the best possible leaders allowing our clients to adapt, grow and flourish.

Panorama thrives because we invest in working more closely together, sharing our expertise, our experience and our learning as a community, all for the benefit of our clients. We avoid corporate style behaviours, preferring to focus on the unique, capabilities and perspectives of all the leadership experts in our community and their capacity to create genuine, diverse outcomes for the clients we work with. It is our absolute focus on the people behind the titles, business cards and brand names that is the mark of our approach.

Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants

The AESC (www.aesc.org) is the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search industry. Its mission is to promote the highest professional standards in retained executive search consulting, broaden public understanding of the executive search process, and serve as an advocate for the interests of its member firms located in 1,000 offices in 70 countries.

BlueSteps (www.bluesteps.com) is an exclusive AESC database and the only career management service providing senior executives with continual exposure to all AESC member firms around the world.